Luescher FeiYa
Ingeborg Lüscher, FEI-YA! FEI-YA! / Fly! Fly! (Our Chinese Friends), 1999, Exhibition view Galerie Campagne Première Berlin, 2011

Ingeborg Lüscher
FEI-YA! FEI-YA! / Fly! Fly! (Our Chinese Friends)
1-channel video projection with sound
signed "Ying-bo"
edition of 5

Kentridge Installation of 4 videos b
William Kentridge, Untitled, 2010, Installation of 4 films, exhibition view Galerie Campagne Premiere Berlin, 2011

William Kentridge
Untitled, 2010
Installation of 4 films:
Intoxicating Liquor Cash Sales Book [Sphinx], 1'30"
Breathe, 2008, 1'20"
L’Exploration du Sahara [World on its Hind Legs], 46"
Cat [Graecum Lexicon of 1825], 34"
Courtesy of Collection Hannebauer, Berlin