Ashery (born 1966 in Israel) mines counter-cultures and trash aesthetics in performances, situations, public platforms, photographs, videos, mass-produced and unique artefacts, text and commissioned music. Her expansive and eclectic body of work is made of multilayered projects that reveal ideological, social and gendered paradigms, often through intimate moments of recognition and tend to evolve around minority discourse. Ashery has exhibited and performed extensively at international contexts such as ZKM Karlsruhe, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, Brooklyn Museum, Overgaden Copenhagen, DEPO Istanbul, Whitstable Biennale, Centre Pompidou, and Freud Museum. She is currently a visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art.


Campagne Première, Berlin, Animal with a Language

waterside contemporary, London, Animal with a Language

Hippolyte, Helsinki, Party for Freedom
Overgaden, Copenhagen, Party for Freedom

Pristine Gallery, Mexico, Monkey Bum Prints Factory
C. Wichtendahl Galerie, Berlin, Oreet Ashery (with Nicole Ahland)

DEPO, Istanbul, Falafel Road (with Larissa Sansour)

Other Gallery, Shanghai, The Beautiful Jew
Other Gallery, Beijing, Raging Balls

The Arches, Glasgow, Back in 5 Minutes and Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi

Sherwell Centre, Plymouth University, Plymouth, Dancing with Men

Letchworth Art Centre Gallery, Letchworth, What You See

Foxy Production Gallery, New York, Performance 2003
Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, Say Cheese

Foxy Production Gallery, New York, Oreet Ashery
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, 7 Acts of Love
Stil und Bruch, Berlin, 7 Acts of Love

Jerusalem Artists' House Gallery, Jerusalem, Magnum Opus III, (with Daniel Rubinstein)

68elf Gallery, Cologne, Magnum Opus II (with Daniel Rubinstein)


Auto Italia South East, London, Golden Age Problems (curated by Nathaniel Budzinski)

National Museum of Contemporary Art - Museu do Chiado, Lisbon, Hetero q.b
John Hansard Gallery, Southhampton, Performance/ Audience /Film, with Franko B, Blast Theory, Ian Breakwell & Ron Geesin Jean Dupuy, Rachel Gomme, Dan Graham, Joshua Sofaer)

Lentos Museum, Linz, Whole Milk (curated by Thomas Edlinger)
Whitebox Art Centre, New York, Body Snatchers (curated by Raul Zamudio)
Körnerpark Galerie, Berlin, Life is Eleswhere
Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdansk, re.act.feminism#2

A foundation, Counterpoint
Coreana Museum of Art, Seoul, Show me your Hair
Shanghai Art Fair/ ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair, San Diego
Whitebox Art Centre, New York, How to Philosophize With A Hammer(curated by Raul Zamudio)
EDS Gallery, Mexico City, Obra en video
Moderna Galerija,Ljubljana, 29th Biennial of Graphic Art, Museum of Modern Art (curated by Beti Žerovc)

Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai
Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Identity II
White Space, Zurich, A Thousand Endless Tales – Dancing the Line of Flight (curated by Dimitrina Sevova)
Jewish Museum, New York | San Francisco, Reinventing Ritual
Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal, Montréal, Arts of Memory, Material, Media, Mythologies
Other Gallery, Shanghai, The Metamorphosis (curated by Raúl Zamudio)
Invia, London, Progress Report
GI Holtegård, Gammel Holtegård, Fall Out (curated by Merete Jankowski)
NGBK, Berlin, Theatre of Peace
HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, On Rage
Pristine Galerie, Monterey,That Obscure Object of Desire (curated by Raul Zamudio Taylor)

Heidelberger Kunstverein (project in city space), Heidelberg, Becoming Intense, Becoming Animal, Becoming…
Centro d'Arte Contempranea, Chiasso, Queer/SCHäG
Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Re.Act.Feminism (curated by Bettina Knaup and Beatrice E. Stammer)
Kunsthaus Erfurt, Erfurt, Re.Act.Feminism
Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo, Medium Religion
Goldsmiths Gallery, London, Redrawn Boundaries
Kortil Gallery Strossmayerova, Rijeka, Crime and Punishment
Umjetnicki Paviljon, Zagreb, Looking at Others

ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Medium Religion (curated by Boris Groys and Peter Weibel)
198 Gallery, London, Crime and Punishment (curated by Predrag Pajdic)
Bodhi Gallery, New York City, Performance and Mimicry
EDS Gallery - FEMACO Art Fair, Mexico City
Living Gallery, Lecco, Biography of a Traveller
April Meetings Festival, VIP Art Gallery of Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, April Meetings Festival

Contemporary Art Platform, London, Unbound (curated by Predrag Pajdic)
11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, The Oubliettes of Wolstenholme
Whitebox Gallery, New York,Theatre of Cruelty
Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Petach Tikva, The Space Between
Tate Liverpool | FACT, Liverppol, Bound, Open Eye Gallery
Contemporary Art Platform | Dazed Gallery, London, In Focus
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Normal love
Holden Gallery, Manchester, Make it a better place (curated by Dinu Li)
Brooklyn Museum, New York, Global Feminisms (curated by Maura Reilly, Linda Nochlin and Lila Acheson Wallace)
Freud Museum, London, Paranoia
Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds, Paranoia

Focal Point Gallery, Southend, Paranoia
Elzbieta Koscielak Gallery | Zamek Lesnica Castle, Wrokaw, Body Double (curated by Raul Zamudio)
The London Jewish Museum of Art, London, Recent Acquisitions
Ben Uri Gallery, London, Summer Show
APT Gallery, London, Monstrous Tales
Foxy Production Gallery, New York, Now, more than ever (with Jimmy Baker, Alex Hubbard and Johannes Vanderbeek)
Spittastrasse 25, Berlin, Concrete, Sausage and Other Team Ghosts
Cuchfritos Gallery, New York, Animal Magnetism (curated by Raul Zamudio)

Herzliya Museum, Herzliya, Biography /Autobiography
Centre of Attention, London, On-Demand
Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City, Los Retratos de Dorian Gray
Network Gallery, New York, Anthro/Socio

Project Arts Space, Dublin, No Respect

Century Gallery, London, X-travagant
John Hansard Gallery, Southhampton, Intervention
NGBK, Berlin, Wonder Years
OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, The Promise, the Land

London Print Studios Gallery, London, Private Views
Monica Bobinska, London, Over Dressed
Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, Like Gold Dust

Dalston Underground Studios, London, Dalston Underground
Centre of Attention at Notting Hill Arts Club, London, Jews, Blacks, Gypsies and Other Free Radicals
Centre of Attention, London, A Man, A Woman, A Machine

Margaret Harvey Gallery | St. Albans Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, John, I’m Only Dancing
Nunnery Gallery, London, Sexmutant
Architectural Association, London, London Post-Colonial City

W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, The Kindness of Strangers
International Photoszene, Cologne, Outfit / International Photoszene
Montehermoso Art Centre, Vitoria, Re.Act.Feminism#2


Tate Modern, London, The World is Flooding(curated by Nora Razmian)
Swedenborg House, London, 21st Century Carpet Sale! A Legendary Collection

Artangle, London, Party for Freedom, People vs Freedom

Metal, Liverpool, Party for Freedom, #1, #2, #6/10
New Performance Festival, Turku, Party for Freedom work in progress
Den Frie, Copenhagen, Security First
Teatru-spalatorie, Chișinău,Semitic Score

Le Transpalette Centre d'Art Contemporain, Bourges, Monkey Bum Factory
Trouble Festival, Brussels, Hairoism
La Porta, Barcelona, Semitic Score
Venice Biennail/ Slovenian Pavilion, Venice, Semitic Score
Trouble Festival, Brussels, Semitic Score

Other Gallery, Beijing, Raging Balls
ICA, London, Raging Balls
HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Raging Balls (with Larissa Sansour)
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Raging Balls
Brooklyn Museum, New York, Raging Balls
The Arches (30 years of the National Review of Live Art), Glasgow, Hairoism
Škuc Gallery/City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, Hairoism
Modern Art Oxford/ Night and Day, Oxford, Semitic Score
Studio 303, Montreal, Semitic Score(curated and commissioned by Kris Nelson)
Live@8, Galway, Semitic Score (curated by Andrew Mitchelson)
Hollybush Gardens Gallery (with Edd Hobbs, as part of Eline McGeorge exhibition), London, Children of the Future
Brooklyn Museum, New York, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi
198 Gallery, London, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi
Gerrit Rieveld Academie, Amsterdam, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi
HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi

Tate Modern, London, Raging Balls
The Arches, Glasgow, Raging Balls
Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Raging Balls
Tate Modern, London, Hairoism
Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London, Children of the Future
Tate Modern, London, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi
The Arches, Glasgow, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi

Radar | Loughborough University, Loughborough, Raging Balls
Betesey's Salon, London, Scratch Performance: Golani Varanasi
Whitstable Biennial | The University of Kent, Canterbury,The Saint/s of Whitstable
Duckie, London, The Great Recession (with Owen Parry)
Plastique Fantastique and Bughouse event | FA Projects Gallery/Church of Scientology | Blackfriars Bridge Road, London, Here He Comes

De Balie, Amsterdam, Welcome Home
Freud Museum, London, Right, Left
Lincoln Inn Fields (Neturai Karta Free Palestine demonstration), LondonWill You Let Me Join You Just This Once?

Thou Art Centre, Stavanger, Territories of Belonging
Schwules Museum, Berlin, Back in 5 Minutes
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Women’s Love
Great Hall | Queen Mary University | PSi#12, London, Welcome Home
Khoj, New Delhi, Sarmad the Saint
Dilli Haat, New Delhi, Portrait Sketch

Herzliya Museum, Herzliya, Some Things Change Some Remain the Same
Kunstbanken, Hamar, What is Your Current Address?
Centro Cultural Telemar (ME Electronic Art Show), Rio De Janeiro, 7 Acts of Love
University of Reading | BERKS (Transevasilities Conference), UK, 7 Acts of Love
A Constructed World, Turin, Bentornato – Welcome Home, More Fools in Town

Great Eastern Hotel, London, 7 Acts of Love
Home, London, Will You Cook For Me?(with Daniel Ashery)
Apex travel agent - part of Project Art Space/ No Respect, Dublin, It’s Been a Long Time
Royal Opera House, London, Property from the 3rd Floor Royal Opera House
Telecom Tower, Venice, No Vitrines, No Museums, No Artists, Just a Lot of People (with Rirkrit Tiravanija)
Centre of Attention, London, Score by Ken Friedman (Fluxes)
291 Gallery, London, Central Location/Treatment

Galerija Matice Hrvatske, Zagreb, Occupation I, II, The Case of the Rabbit
Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, Occupation I, II, The Case of the Rabbit
291 Gallery, London, Occupation I, II, The Case of the Rabbit
NGBK, Berlin, Central Location, Wonderyears
OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, Say Cheese
Arnolfini/In Between Time Festival, Bristol, Say Cheese
Bluecoat Arts Centre/Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, Say Cheese
Meron Mountain, North of Israel, Marcus Fisher, interventions and performances: dancing with orthodox men

Foxy Production Gallery, New York, Say Cheese
Kapelica Gallery, LjubljanaSay Cheese
NGBK, Berlin, Say Cheese
National Review of Live Art, Glasgow,Colored Folks (with Shaheen Merali)

Hoxton Distillery, London, Back in 5 Minutes
Home, London, Say Cheese
Toynbee Hall, London,Colored Folks (with Shaheen Merali)
Centre of Attention at Notting Hill Arts Club, London,Marcus Fisher
OMSK, London,Marcus Fisher
National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Marcus Fisher
Fado, Toronto,Open Surgery (with Svar Simpson)

Windows Gallery/Central St Martins College of Art & Design, London,Central Location,UK
The Fridge, London,Marcus Fisher
Akademia, Brighton, Marcus Fisher
Duckie, London, Marcus Fisher
Turkish Men’s Cafe, Berlin, Marcus Fisher
Soho, London,Marcus Fisher
Beach, Tel Aviv,Marcus Fisher
East End Collaborations Festival, London, Marcus Fisher
eXpo Live Art Festival, Nottingham,Marcus Fisher
Void Gallery, London, Mixed Up
Brixton Arcade, London,RKD

Lux/3rd International Transgender Film Festival, London,Marcus Fisher
Domestic Residency Programme, Berlin, Trans-Kulturwohnung (invited by Leif Erich Christensen and Janine Rostron)
Bobo Gallery, London, Moot Point

Leather Lane Market, London, 50 Years to Hiroshima

Showroom Gallery, London,Magnum Opus I


Kone Foundation, Helsinki

Honorary Research Fellow, School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University, London

Arts and Humanities Research Council Creative Research Fellow, Drama Department, Queen Mary University, London
The im/possibilities of Israeli/Palestinian artistic collaborations investigated through different modes of public engagement, AHRC Research Grants, Practice Led and Applied
Alter egos and fictional characters in performative art practices: configuring enigmatic oriental Jewish narratives, AHRC Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts
Production Award for the exhibition Progress Report, Iniva, London
For the exhibition Fall Out (with Larissa Sansour) Gl Holtegaard, Holteegard

Grants for the Arts, Nonel and Vovel, with Larissa Sansour, R&D + production, Arts Council England
Residency at PiST, British Council, Istanbul

Grants for the Arts, Nonel and Vovel, with Larissa Sansour, Arts Council Denmark

Alter egos and fictional characters in performative art practices: configuring enigmatic oriental Jewish narratives, AHRC Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts
Grants for the Arts, Nonel and Vovel, with Larissa Sansour, R&D + production, Arts Council England

Travel Award, British Council
Grants for the Arts, touring exhibitions, Arts Council England
Gasworks/Triangle Arts Trust, Khoj, New Delhi
International Fellowship, Arts Council England, Khoj, New Delhi

Grants for Artists, British Council
Necessary Journeys, Arts Council England
Research & Development, Arts Council England

Kathy Acker Bursary, University of Greenwich, London

Production Award with, London Arts Board, London
One to One Bursary, Live Art Development Agency, London

Research & Development, London Arts Board, London
Professional Development Award, Artsadmin
Visual Art Bursary, London Arts Board, London

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